WATCH: Soldier’s Remains Delivered to Detroit, What Happens Next Is Disgusting


At the end of a flight into Detroit, Michigan, many people witnessed one of the most disrespectful sights ever seen. It all started during a Delta Airlines flight where a soldier’s remains were on board for his last trip home.

According to Independent Journal Review, the remains of a brave hero, Sergeant Andre Taylor, were on board. The flight crew announced multiple times that Taylor was on board and that passengers should remain seated until the soldier was removed from the plane. Instead of listening to the directions, most of the passengers immediately got up, started grabbing their stuff, and leaving the plane before Taylor was removed. 

A passenger who knows how to show respect, Ken Fitzgerald, recorded the rudeness for the world to see. He wrote about the event in a post on Facebook. He started the post with, “Pretty damn disappointed in people today!”

We couldn’t agree more. There is a severe lack of respect when it comes to individuals who fight for our country. Without people like Taylor putting their lives on the line, and sometimes losing them, we would not have the freedoms that we have today.

They failed to show respect for Taylor, OR his sobbing family, who was waiting outside the plane to receive the remains of their loved one. It is a significant sign of disrespect.

Ken went on to explain that the crew made four announcements about staying seating until the remains were transferred to the family. Fitzgerald went on to explain that the only people who stayed in their seats were him, the commuting airline employees, and the flight crew.

In other words, no one else cared. They even arrived EARLY, negating any inconvenience of waiting just a little bit longer.

As people walked off the plane, Taylor’s coffin was removed with a traditional American Flag over it. As the US Air Force Honor Guard removed the coffin, you have to imagine his disgust as waves of heartless people just filed by, not caring about the moment that is taking place in front of them.

We are in the age of “thoughtless speed” where everything has to be instant. That is okay in some situations; however, this could have waited. These heroes should be respected! People seem to forget what it is they do for this country.

You can bet if there had been a retired Army officer on board, he would have sat down and waited patiently. What makes these people so special? They are going to see their family and friends, while the Taylor Family is getting ready to bury their loved one. Their lack of caring or respect is twisted and demented.

Despite how everyone else is acting, please try to show respect to our military whenever possible. We need our soldiers, and they need our support to keep them going and fighting every day.

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H/T: Angry Patriot Movement

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