WATCH – Media FUMING That Trump Criticized CNN. I Guess They Forgot What Obama Did…

The liberals and the mainstream media are going crazy over the fact that Donald Trump refused to answer any questions from CNN during a press conference.

Have they forgotten all of Obama’s criticism of Fox News? In this video, talking about the “Affordable” Care Act, Obama said, “If you’ve talked to somebody who said, ‘Well, I don’t know, I was watching Fox News and they said this is horrible,’ you can say, ‘you know what? Don’t take my word for it! Go on the website.”

In previous interviews, Obama has also called Fox News “ultimately destructive,” yet the mainstream media call out Trump for attacking a news media publication (via the Daily Caller)?

But with liberals, the hypocrisy runs deep. When Obama did what Trump just did, he was hailed as a hero.

Donald Trump only called CNN what it is: “fake news.” Maybe Trump would answer their questions if they didn’t turn around everything he’s ever said to make him sound bigoted. Mainstream media sources are always alluding that Trump’s statements are racist, bigoted, or intolerant in some form or another.

The Democrats, on the other hand, can criticize the sites that actually give fair news, and no one even bats an eye over it. Obama has blasted Fox News repeatedly, once saying that “good, affordable health care might still be a fanged threat to freedom on Fox News.”

Obama loves to blame his problems on Fox News and said in just this past year, “In 2008, I was never subjected to the kind of concentrated vilification of Fox News, Rush Limbaugh, the whole conservative-media ecosystem, and so as a consequence, even for my first two years as a senator, I was polling at 70 percent.” Has it never occurred to Obama that his polling dropped because of his performance?

Obama has also actually blamed Fox News for the Democrats’ massive losses in this last election. This is ironic considering that news sites like CNN and MSNBC tried to do everything in their power to make sure that Donald Trump was not elected!

They pounced on every single thing against Trump, reporting endlessly on every rumor and the hot mic moment that happened over a decade ago, yet they wouldn’t say a single bad thing about Hillary Clinton and her email scandal, acting as if it never happened.

Fox News negatively reported on Obama’s Affordable Care Act because it deserved the criticism. It has decimated this country and has ruined many people’s lives. Most of us can barely afford this “affordable” health care, but Obama acts like his legislation has put an end to health care issues in this country, as do the rest of the liberals.

Refusing to answer CNN‘s questions shows that Donald Trump is not going to put up with any more biased reporting from the mainstream media. The liberals can complain all they want about the way Trump operates, but to the rest of us, this is a breath of fresh air!

H/T: Angry Patriot Movement

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