WATCH – CNN Reporter Caught Laughing at White Torture Victim On Live TV – Should She Be Fired?

One of CNN‘s reporters was caught laughing and smiling while viewing the Facebook live stream torture video of a disabled white Trump supporter!

Sara Ganim apparently found the beating and torturing of a mentally disabled teenager a scene worthy of a giggle. Being caught on live television acting heartless towards a victim of a hate crime should end your career!

The reaction on social media to the now viral Wolf Blitzer clip was both swift and severe. Decent human beings, even some Democrats, want Sara Ganim fired immediately.

So far, CNN has not addressed the public outcry for the firing of Ganim. The reporter has not attempted to defend her actions.

It is impossible to believe Sara Ganim was laughing at something else going on inside Wolf Blitzer’s studio at the time the torture video was being shown. Surely the studio staff were not joking about the video or anything else while America was being shown footage of a disabled teen being beaten, cut with a knife, and tortured into a state of shock.

Sara Elizabeth Ganim has been a correspondent for CNN since 2012. She previously worked as a reporter for the The Patriot-News, a daily newspaper serving the Harrisburg, Pennsylvania metropolitan area.

Ganim is credited with breaking the sexual abuse of children story by Penn State University football coach Jerry Sandusky. Do you think she was giggling behind the scenes when footage from Sandusky’s victims was being played too?

Sara Ganim and other members of The Patriot-News staff won multiple national awards for their coverage of the child sexual abuse scandal, including the 2012 Pulitzer Prize for Local Reporting for their work on this story.

Sara may have been in the midst of a stellar career as a promising and professional journalist, but she now has a permanent black mark on her resume. CNN must address this issue or lose what little credibility the cable network has left.

If Ganim or any reporter was caught laughing and smiling at the attack of a liberal, a black person, a Muslim, or a gay person, an immediate and very public firing would surely occur. The double standard of the mainstream media is growing increasingly evident.

H/T: Angry Patriot Movement

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