U.S. Sanctuary Cities Release Thousands Of Illegals In Defiance Of Feds And Trump Administration

Just a few days ago Homeland Security issued a grim report. Public outrage compelled the Obama administration to tear down as many sanctuary cities as possible, but hundreds still remain. 279 municipalities still cling to their sanctuary status.

Defiant local governments shield illegal immigrants from the repercussions of their crimes. Homeland Security reports that at least 2000 illegals were dumped onto the streets rather than handed over to authorities in 2016.

The sanctuary communities refusal to comply with federal orders has encouraged thousands of illegals to risk the perilous journey into the states.

The Washington Times notes that “border agents and officers are reporting more illegal immigrants attempting to cross into the U.S., in what has been dubbed a new surge of migration.”

Obama may have squashed a few sanctuary cities, but he’s spent his two presidential terms declining to deport all but the most awful illegals. His tenure was marked by his administration’s deliberate effort to establish rights for the millions of criminal illegals hiding in America.

ICE captured over a hundred thousand undocumented migrants last year, a minuscule number compared to the 11 million estimated illegals in the US.

“Led by Philadelphia and Cook County in Illinois, which refuse all cooperation with the federal government, sanctuaries are likely to be one of the thorniest issues confronting Donald Trump as president,” writes the Times.

Trump’s bulldog attorney general selection Sen. Jeff Sessions supports financially crippling sanctuary cities by blocking federal funds, and has even gone as far as to suggest bringing criminal charges.

US Immigration and Custom Enforcement revealed last Friday that “convicted criminals [are] being released back into U.S. communities with the potential to re-offend.” In other words, punk government officials are betraying their duty and sacrificing their constituents’ safety.

Even Obama admits that “communities that refuse to turn over illegal immigrants wanted by federal agents are making the streets less safe and causing more hassle for immigration agents.”

ICE has made steady progress. In FY 2015 sanctuary cities refused to deport over 8,000 criminal illegals. Just one year later the number dropped a whopping 75 percent.

Empty-headed liberals and wide-eyed dreamers like to play hero by “rescuing” illegals. Homeland Security’s job would be significantly easier if no one attempted to tamper with their goal. If a unified effort to capture and deport illegals could take root across the US we could purge ourselves of bulk of them within years.

“Philadelphia officials insisted that they attempt to cooperate on ‘violent criminals or suspected terrorists,’” reporters note, “but they didn’t answer specific Justice Department allegations that the city refused cooperation.”

Thanks to Obama’s “wise” decisions, deportations are unreasonably difficult. His administration altered immigration policy to allow undocumented migrants to stay in the country while their case was being decided. In the likely event that a judge orders their removal, it’s often difficult for authorities to locate them.

Millions of people have virtually disappeared into the underbelly of society. Border Patrol caught nearly half a million people attempting to enter the US illegally during the last fiscal year. The vast majority of the riffraff expelled by ICE in 2016 were convicted felons and gang members.

The number of people caught likely represents only a small fraction of the people streaming into the country. Vicious drug lords and pimps need only cough up a sympathetic story at the border in order to request asylum and be released into the states pending a trial.

Sanctuary cities are idiotic. There’s nothing noble in protecting something foul. Crime needs to be punished and eradicated, not shielded from consequences.

“Sanctuary cities are a blatant violation of federal law. Some on the left have tried to claim that they’re perfectly legal, but this is clearly false,” notes the Daily Wire.

Law enforcement in America faced a particularly brutal year in 2016. Respect for the force tumbled to a near all-time low. Sanctuary cities make a cops job significantly more difficult.

Analysts note that: “Two-thirds of all outstanding felony warrants in the city of Los Angeles involved illegal aliens — as well as 95% of outstanding murder warrants.”

It’s also been recognized the many of the illegals roaming free in sanctuary cities have extensive criminal records.

“There is no telling how many have committed crimes and were never caught,” writes Daniel Horowitz of the Conservative Review.

“This is just a…snapshot of the devastation from sanctuary policies. As of last year, 69% of them were still at large. So much for not being a flight risk.”

State attorney general’s across the country have expressed dismay at the massive surge in criminal activity occurring in sanctuary communities.

“LA saw all crime rise in 2015: violent crime up 19.9 percent, homicides up 10.2 percent, shooting victims up 12.6 percent, rapes up 8.6 percent, robberies up 12.3 percent, and aggravated assault up 27.5 percent,” notes the Daily Wire.

Sanctuary cities need to be demolished. Our priority should be thrusting illegals out of the country, not allowing them to embed themselves in our society.

H/T: Conservative Daily Post

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