Trump Supporter Bloodied & Disfigured Over MAGA Hat, Plastic Surgeon Has 6 Perfect Words

Trump supporter Jovi Val was bloodied inside a Manhattan bar over his “Make America Great Again” hat (left), Jovi Val with Park Avenue plastic surgeon Dr. Joseph Pober (right)

Earlier this month, a supporter of President Donald Trump was attacked in a Manhattan bar when other patrons of the establishment saw his “Make America Great Again” hat. The man received fifteen stitches for a disfiguring, gaping gash on his face, but then, a plastic surgeon had six perfect words.

According to The Gateway Pundit, Jovi Val (short for Jovanni Valle) was dancing at a bar in NYC after Milo Yiannopoulos’ book party for “Dangerous,” when the “Make America Great Again” hat he was wearing fell onto the floor. As he went to pick it up, a woman identified as Emma Rodriguez stepped on the hat and told Val she hated him for supporting the president.

Val pushed Rodriguez away in order to retrieve his hat and subsequently ended up getting into a fight with Rodriguez’s boyfriend, Leonardo Heinert, who struck him in the face with a beer bottle. Rodriguez also struck Val with a beer bottle in the back of the head.

Val, Rodriguez, and Heinert were all arrested and then released, but Val was taken to the hospital, where he received a whopping fifteen stitches to close up the massive gash Heinert had left on his face.

Jovi Val’s injuries

The light at the end of this horrifying tunnel came when Park Avenue plastic surgeon Dr. Joseph Pober heard Val’s story and decided to fix him up — for free. After seeing Val’s gruesome injuries, which he suffered as a result of his conservative beliefs, Dr. Pober called his gesture “something that had to be done.”

Pober saw Val a few days after he was treated in the ER. His office manager had spotted an online video of Val’s ordeal and alerted the doctor. “I evaluated him and I felt that he had a severe injury of his nose and there was a blood clot underneath the suturing of his cheek and that had to be drained,” said the plastic surgeon.

On July 14 he performed surgery which reduced the nose fracture, drained the cheek and re-sutured the laceration, “which was gaping open.”

Pober said Valle needs two more surgeries, but he will gladly cover the costs. His office estimates he’s already provided $30,000 in medical services. [Source: New York Post]

“This is something that had to be done. When I heard about this, I was shocked,” said Pober. “It’s freedom of speech that is being attacked and assaulted. … I can’t imagine that anyone in America would viciously assault you, break your nose, and slice your face with a broken beer bottle.”

Overcome by Pober’s gesture, Val said, “I just couldn’t believe it, I was astonished. When you think of plastic surgery you never think of free. You think of thousands and thousands of dollars.”

Jovi Val

“I wear my hat because I want to make America great again like the president,” he added. “I like Trump because he doesn’t sugarcoat anything. A hat that says ‘America’ and ‘great’ on it shouldn’t be polarizing. This is a political hate crime. I got attacked for what I think.”

It’s a scary time to be alive when you could be physically attacked for your political beliefs at any moment, but thankfully, there are good-hearted patriots like Dr. Pober out there. What he has done for Jovi Val is incredible, and we applaud him.

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