Trump Invites Palin To White House, But What She Does Right After Arriving Has Haters Fuming

President Donald Trump Wednesday evening dined with three staunch conservatives who are also some of his boldest supporters – former Alaska Gov. Sarah Palin and musicians Kid Rock and Ted Nugent.

Trump invited Palin to the White House and according to CNN’s Jake Tapper, told her “to bring some friends.”

Palin, Kid Rock and Nugent posed with the president for a photo in the Oval Office, but it was another picture the visitors took that drew a lot of attention.

The three posed facetiously in front of a portrait of former Democratic presidential candidate Hillary Clinton, who’s first lady portrait still hangs in the White House.

Nugent, perhaps the boldest of the trio, is a longtime critic of Clinton, in a 2014 Facebook post calling her the “enemy of freedom and the enemy of America.”

“She doesn’t trust her bosses. She charges us for full-time armed security but doesn’t trust us or allow us to defend ourselves. This rotten woman has got to be exposed for the enemy she is and sent packing,” he wrote then.

After Trump launched his White House run, Nugent insisted that a Trump would “kick ass and take names, and that’s what America needs right now.”

Metro Detroit musician Kid Rock announced his support for Trump in early 2016, saying the U.S. should let the “business guy” run the country “like a business.”

“To me, I’m just like, ‘We gotta try something else.’ And … I’m not an expert at political science or anything. I do try to follow things, obviously. I’m a pretty good, taxpaying citizen of this country,” he said.

Trump supporters composed a tribute video to the president after his election, including Kid Rock’s song American Bad-Ass and a collection of photos and clips from Trump’s campaign.

Palin was also an early supporter of Trump. The former Alaska governor made waves for her criticism of Clinton, alleging media bias was behind the lack of attention on Clinton’s dubious medical status.

“No scheduled campaign events for days upon days,” she added. “No statements, no answers, no accountability, no problem. Laying low to run out the clock before November, but you’re sexist for noticing it.”

Palin wrote on Facebook and Twitter to thank the president for the visit.

“A great night at the White House! Thank you to President Trump for the invite!” Palin wrote.

Nugent’s wife, Shemane Deziel and Audrey Berry, Kid Rock’s fiance also came along for the visit.

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