Trump In One Of First Acts As POTUS Just Put Black Lives Matter On Notice With THIS Amazing Pro-Cop Move

The festivities had barely ended before President Trump made it clear that there was a new sheriff in town and the days of “wine and roses” for the anti-police “hate-group” Black Lives Matter is over!

Moreover if there’s any doubt from this group of race agitators discussed as a civil rights group of what the Trump Administration thinks of them  simply log on to the new White House website.

The website appeared shortly after the new Commander-in-Chief took the oath of office as the 45th President of the United States, and made clear on what side of the aisle this administration is on, especially when dealing with a group like Black Lives Matter, who have purposely targeted police officers, referencing them as murders, and which has in effect  put the lives of these brave men and woman at higher risk.

The new website is intended to send a powerful message to both those brave men and woman in blue, and hate groups like Black Lives Matter and the new Black Panther Party, that President Trump will no longer tolerate as the previous administration had, disrespecting and putting our “first responders” in harms way, for simple political expediency.

Moreover and perhaps the beauty of this administration is in their easy to understand message, there’s no ambiguity, no convoluted political spin, Trump speaks like one of us, like the common man, and that’s perhaps what frustrates the political progressive class, and no doubt the mainstream media who’ve had 8-years of soaring  impassioned Obama speech with no results, and are now attempting to use their own spin, on what’s a fairly simple message.

The opening sentiment on the website perhaps explains it best: “The Trump Administration will be a law and order administration!”

The passage continues:. “President Trump will honor our men and women in uniform and will support their mission of protecting the public. The dangerous anti-police atmosphere in America is wrong. The Trump Administration will end it.”

Here is the statement in full (it’s awesome):

Standing Up For Our Law Enforcement Community

One of the fundamental rights of every American is to live in a safe community. A Trump Administration will empower our law enforcement officers to do their jobs and keep our streets free of crime and violence. The Trump Administration will be a law and order administration. President Trump will honor our men and women in uniform and will support their mission of protecting the public. The dangerous anti-police atmosphere in America is wrong. The Trump Administration will end it.

The Trump Administration is committed to reducing violent crime. In 2015, homicides increased by 17% in America’s fifty largest cities. That’s the largest increase in 25 years. In our nation’s capital, killings have risen by 50 percent. There were thousands of shootings in Chicago last year alone.

Our country needs more law enforcement, more community engagement, and more effective policing.

Our job is not to make life more comfortable for the rioter, the looter, or the violent disrupter. Our job is to make life more comfortable for parents who want their kids to be able to walk the streets safely. Or the senior citizen waiting for a bus. Or the young child walking home from school.

Supporting law enforcement means supporting our citizens’ ability to protect themselves. We will uphold Americans’ Second Amendment rights at every level of our judicial system.

President Trump is committed to building a border wall to stop illegal immigration, to stop the gangs and the violence, and to stop the drugs from pouring into our communities. He is dedicated to enforcing our border laws, ending sanctuary cities, and stemming the tide of lawlessness associated with illegal immigration.

Supporting law enforcement also means deporting illegal aliens with violent criminal records who have remained within our borders.

It is the first duty of government to keep the innocent safe, and President Donald Trump will fight for the safety of every American, and especially those Americans who have not known safe neighborhoods for a very long time.

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