Trey Gowdy Sends DEVASTATING NEWS To Lorreta Lynch – She is DONE!


Amid all these scandals surrounding the Trump administration, it is always encouraging to hear how a real conservative sees the sleazy Democrat scum and their endless hypocrisy.

South Carolina representative Trey Gowdy has been the voice of conservative reason in Congress. Gowdy recently appeared on Martha McCallum’s show on Fox, The Story, to carefully disclose information concerning the Lynch-Clinton meeting on the tarmac. When he was asked if Gowdy was implying that there was additional collaboration between the Clinton family and Obama’s Department of Justice, Gowsy said, “You’re very perceptive.”


All of us are wide aware that the Clintons and their campaign were corrupt as hell, we only need official confirmation of this, and that’s where Gowdy comes in. Under Gowdy’s watchful eye, justice is not far down the road.

Naturally, Gowdy’s search for justice intercepts the Democrats’ corruption and this is why they hate his very existence. It is only natural that they will try to defend themselves from Gowdy’s relentless quest for truth and will take any cheap shot or use any tool possible to do so.

I’m surprised the deep state hasn’t targeted Gowdy yet. They must be scared of him, and they should be. Trey Gowdy is a champion for justice, and the deep state are villains and criminals. We need stronger conservatives like Gowdy.

With people like Gowdy and Trump breathing down their necks, Democrats are running out of places to hide. Democratic infiltrators and moles are unwelcome in Trump’s administration and soon, the easy or the hard way, they will have to depart.

The radical Left calls us “paranoid” while they spout off Russian conspiracy theories. They have gotten so desperate that even the Russians are laughing at us. Even after Obama, the radical Left continues to embarrass us.

The liberal and mainstream media have done their job in sweeping Hillary’s crimes under the rug, but it will not do. The Republican leadership, with the peoples’ blessing,’ are on their way to find and bring justice.

The left has the nerve to call us paranoid while they push their unsubstantiated conspiracy theories. The political world is practically laughing at the liberal stupidity, but their reputation is not what’s on the line here, the overall American integrity is jeopardized by their stupidity.

H/T: Cons Patriot

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