Trevor Noah Gets AWFUL News After His TRANSPHOBIC Joke About Trump – This Will End His Career

THIS IS AWFUL! The liberal mainstream media never ever stops with it’s ridiculous ‘DONKEY SHOWS’ against president Trump. I used this term (donkey show), because of some of you, dear readers, know very well what’s that, but the democrats are not in the ‘donkey’ position.

They want to create a big show, chaos, and anarchy. They want to put us all in some ‘panic mode’, BUT IN THE END, they are the ones that take the… (sausage). And this is not even funny to me.

It’s disgusting. I used this metaphor to show you how proportionally DISGUSTING these two things are. The liberals’ vulgar show and the donkey show in Mexico. It’s equally vulgar, barbaric and disgusting.

After Cooper, Colbert, the harpies from The View, now Daily Show’ host Trevor Noah decided to follow the orders from the liberal agenda and attack President Trump and his family. Just look what he posted…

This was enough for the American people. It was more than enough. In this post, and also many other times, Trevor Noah uses disgusting and insulting rhetoric to discredit the president and the First Family.

The reactions came as fast as possible. You have to see what happens with liberal loudmouth. Noah will loose his ratings and his reputation will be destroyed after he wanted to act ‘funny’.


As you can see, even the honest people from the LGBT community support Trump. Not everyone is part of the sick liberal brainwashing.

This will teach him a lesson. What do you think, dear readers, are the people right with their comments against Daily Show? I think that we have to get even more radical against the liberal leftists and their private media. SHARE and COMMENT

H/T: Right Forever

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