The Liberal Moron Who Urinated On American Flag On Independence Day Just GOT TERRIBLE News

On July 4th, on the biggest American holiday, the liberal leftists showed how they feel about the country who gives them opportunities to live in the land of free, in the land of opportunities and justice.

However, these people think America is a country of nationalists, racists, oppressors and xenophobes. These IGNORANT liberal millenials living in the bubble, obviously, know NOTHING about the outside world.

They’ve NEVER seen what actually is OPPRESSION. They’ve never seen what’s happening in N. Korea or the third world countries. They support communism and socialism without even knowing what it is like to live in a communist REGIME.

Actually, they know, Obama tried to rule like a communist dictator. BUT THEY SUPPORTED HIM.

In this report you will see what happened to the idiot who URINATED on the American flag on Independence Day.

While the nation was celebrating the Independence Day, Emily Lance was boosting her ego LITERALLY PISSING on an American flag.

The caption of Lance’s video was: “F*** your nationalism. F*** your country. F*** your stupid f****** flag.”

This is PURE HATE. However, karma is a bitch. Now she is facing the consequences. This liberal millennial has a bounty on her head of $ 3.000. The nation is ANGRY at this girl. Her video went viral and all hell broke loose.

Her father is suffering because of her. Her father’s workplace has also been targeted after what she did, and the people were looking also for her father to punish him for what his daughter.

This is what Lance said to protect her father:

“To whom it may concern, my Dad just called me and informed me that his place of employment has been targeted. As has he. Interestingly he RESPECTS THE FLAG and loves YOUR country.”

This woman deserves no respect! What would you tell her if you had the chance?



H/T: Right Forever

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