[SHOCKING VIDEO] Obama 's Classmate: He Was a Drug Using, Lying, Homosexual Foreigner and He Also…

There have been even more information from Obama’s dirty past that will make you hate our former President even more. This is something you must not miss.

Mia Marie Pope was a high school friend of Barack Obama in Hawaii during the 1970s. She says that Obama identified himself as a foreigner in high school and was known as a crack-smoking homosexual. During the years 1977-1979, Maria claims Obama was a “compulsive, pathological liar” and also “clinically insane,” stating he was a drug addict and he traded sex for drugs with a gay drug dealer named “gay-Ray.” She says he worked hard to make the public unaware of this.

Pope added that she wouldn’t even peep about all this is Obama wasn’t literally destroying America during his years of presidency. She also had a message to the military, law enforcement, and to all the people in which she reminds us are “the boss” because we pay the bills in Washington and that message is “do not comply.”



It looks like Barack Obama was a little bit careless with the thing he did when he was younger. He’s improved a bit too – he was and still is the same pathological liar. He really made some progress in his life, but not for good. However, he will always be remembered as one of the worst presidents in the US history.



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H/T: The Federalist Tribune

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