Scalise Family's Touching Father's Day Message

On Wednesday, Rep. Steve Scalise was shot and wounded by an angry liberal, whose goal was to “kill as many Republicans as possible” while practicing for an upcoming Congressional baseball game.

Saturday night, Scalise’s family issued a statement on his condition.

Rep. Scales is still in serious condition, but is showing signs of improvement and is expected to make a full recovery after the vicious assault.

Throughout the week, as Scalise lay in a hospital bed in intensive care, liberals across the country mocked him, some even saying that he DESERVED what he got, and many others applauded the deranged liberal who shot him.

From Chicks On The Right

Last night, Rep. Steve Scalise’s family released a statement on his condition. While he is still in very serious condition, he is showing signs of improvement.

Today they’ve released this touching Father’s Day message.


I want people like Joy Reid, who are doing their best to tarnish this man’s name and say that he DESERVED to be shot take a good look at these pictures. You may not agree with him, but this man is a son, a husband, and a father.

H/T: Truth Feed

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