It looks like the number of Democrat-sent con artists is practically countless. They are ALL OVER THE PLACE and will do everything to make a lot of money and keep their trails covered from investigators.

As reported by Fox News, now we are speaking about Janet Napolitano. She used to be the ex – secretary of Homeland Security under the – you got it – Obama administration. Now, as California’s president of the UC school system, she is engaged in money fraud. She succeeded to funnel a shocking $175 MILLION into a secondary account in the process of “collecting funds” for student tuition.

Democrats ponder why we have a difficult time believing a word that comes out of their mouths. Proof has shown again and again that if you want to get to the Democratic top notch, you just need to be a huge criminal.

NBC Los Angeles informed that the California attorney general refuses to accept the case and look into her crimes. Attorney General Xavier Becerra claimed that this is a matter for the California State Legislature to deal with, even though they are made up of a left-wingers crew.

Throughout questioning, Xavier recognized this fact and overlooked it as if it were not a big deal. We are confident that he has trust in a party that publicly attacks Trump and promises that every person on the Left has everyone’s best interests in mind.

This is yet another revolting case that will undoubtedly get lost in the system unless of course we DO something about it. Exactly how long will they rob us before we say we have had ENOUGH!

It is only a question of time until the real truth about Napolitano and remaining liberals will see the light of day. We are doing everything in our power to wake people up. STOP allowing these people to rob you and laugh in your face when they have finished.

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