President Trump OUTRAGED After Obama 'Holdovers' Make Big Move To Take Him Down

After learning there are betrayers lurking inside the White House, President Donald Trump is furious, not for their actions, but for promising complete loyalty to Trump, despite being “Obama holdovers” and doing dirty tricks behind his back.

Now, after they have outed themselves, which was a huge mistake, by the way, President Trump is saying “fire them all,” and things have just gotten real.

We’ve had several examples of out-of-control Democrat behavior in the last couple of days, thinking that their fake scandals and accusations will work to take out President Trump, but as soon as their plans started to crumble, the Obama “holdovers” in the white house are losing their minds about what is going to happen next.

In a piece published by Politico, Obama holdovers have called the liberal outlet from the West Wing, and now, Trump finally knows who they are.  And now, after these Obama puppets outed themselves, Trump has given the order to “fire them all”, according to reports from Laura Ingraham, a famous conservative radio host.

Apparently, the radio host also added that Trump is so furious after finding out about the betrayers, that he told all of his staff that if they are not ready to give him all their blood, sweat and tears, they need to get out.

Ingraham then went on to explain what the whole investigation about Russia-Trump is really about, and why Trump is in full-on attack mode.

She stated that the Democrats are the main reason why despite all the criticism, the pundits and never-doubting experts, people still turned against Washington, D.C., and the regime that Obama had implemented on our nation, which seemed to poison every single American. The people were the ones which asked for things to be done differently, and now Trump is the one who is finally doing just that.

One of his main strengths is that he is not a politician and he doesn’t have tons of experience in handling self-dealing and people who are always trying to cover their shady businesses such as Comey, as Trump’s agenda and his plan for a greater America is a threat to these people.

The agenda which Trump has in mind for America is centered around reinvigorating our position in the world, making more forceful trade deals as well as making new alliances with countries which could help us bring down ISIS, and the swamp of Democrats tries to stop and impeach him for wanting to do so?

This is the reason that the radio host stressed the importance of winning the battle in Washington, D.C. Again it was the people who voted for Donald Trump, and every attempt to impeach him is a direct insult to the citizens of the U.S. who helped elect him.

So they should accept the truth, let reality sink in, and confess that the accusations and the whole Russia scandal is nothing but another one of their sick games to somehow impeach Trump.

Liberal morons can spend all their time investigating Trump, but it seems that the deeper they dig into these investigations, the bigger fools they make out of themselves as they let everyone know how low they are willing to hit to get what they want.

H/T: USA News Flash

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