O’Keefe Nails Soros BLM Type Anarchists Plotting Terrorism For Inauguration

James O’Keefe of Project Veritas released another video that goes into greater detail regarding the types of actions the anarchists behind DisruptJ20 are planning to use to disrupt Friday’s presidential inauguration.

Blockades have long been known to be a major component of their plan and some details of those plans are discussed, including their intent to block every major ingress point into the city of Washington, DC. One speaker holding orientation, Mike Isaacson, recommends throat punching people, saying it’s “probably a good thing.”

They also revealed plans to use chains to disable the Washington Metro rail line. The plotting is recorded and those involved identified with an accompanying narrative that “disabling trains constitutes an act of terrorism under 18 USC 1992, with potential penalties of up to twenty years in prison and the death penalty if someone is subsequently killed as a result.

O’Keefe notes the wide variety of organizations operating under the DisruptJ20 umbrella includes some groups that claim to advocate for peaceful protests and others that are clearly intent on violent, and criminal activities.

It’s encouraging that Isaacson includes in his description of their plans a shortage of people to carry them out. They may find those people but it’s not a situation where they seem to enjoy overwhelming support and throngs of people anxious to throw away periods of their life in order to make a political statement.

Just as is typical with Islamic terrorism, that they couldn’t function without their patsy suicide bombers willing to die for a cause that their leaders are not, these groups rely upon stupid or mentally unstable people to be volunteers. Some of those interviewed on hidden camera are heard expressing their pride at other disruptions they have attended, specifically at the RNC and DNC and at Standing Rock. They’re “professional protesters,” malcontents who enjoy disrupting and destroying things, terrorism is their career choice.

There also clearly is a green light for physical violence and it is being urged by Mike Isaacson, who equates not picking a fight when you’re outnumbered with being a coward. He suggests sucker throat punches as part of his statement to the group, as a “remedy” for the “Nazis” speaking their views.

Their comments throughout the sessions in the video seem to always be consistent with the “end justifies the means” Alinsky agitation theory. Since there is significant communist participation in the opposition to Mr. Trump, that’s to be expected. There’s also the history of linkage with George Soros and his front groups dedicated to global communism, and the common background to BLM, Democrats, and others who engaged in the same violent tactics during the campaign.

Now that they’ve been caught engaging in conspiracy to commit terrorism, will the big talkers in the video talk to investigators and reveal a Soros connection and direction? If RICO charges were possible they would include an automatic forfeiture of the billionaire Bolshevik’s fortune. Maybe someone is looking into that aspect as well. The world would be a much better place if he were put away and his son inherited nothing.

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