Officer Shot In Head During Routine Stop Needs Our Prayers Now

Officers put themselves at risk every single day of their lives. Officers must take every call as if the person has a gun and they could die. It is a job that is risky, worthwhile, and needed in society. Cops are everyday heroes and we need to respect them.

A cop in Pennsylvania received a domestic disturbance call on December 30th. The trooper’s name was Landon Weaver and he is being remembered as a model officer who did everything by the books. He did not see 2017….

Gov. Tom Wolf and Col. Tyree Blocker, the state police commissioner, paid tribute to 23-year-old Landon Weaver on Monday after meeting with employees at the Huntingdon state police station where Weaver worked.
Weaver was shot and killed while responding to a domestic complaint Friday night in a rural area of Huntingdon County, in central Pennsylvania.

He’ll be buried at Fairview Cemetery in Martinsburg.
The convention center site is a change from a location announced earlier.

Hearing of a police officer’s death is always hard for me since my grandfather was an officer. We lived in Alabama and he served on the force until he was 65. I remember seeing him in his uniform and always thinking I would be a cop. I am a journalist now, but respect cops beyond belief. Will you pray for his safe passing?

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