Newt Gingrich Sets Fire To Obama’s Idiotic Plan To “Stop Trump”

Newt Gingrich is one of those people that just gets it. We have featured him time and time again on our site and here is another shining example of why we need more people like him in politics. He speaks his mind and isn’t afraid to ruffle feathers on either side.

As liberal America deteriorates into a PC, snowflake, offended by everything, complaining, fake-news-toting hell hole, people like Gingrich keep us all grounded, even as Obama vowed to be a vocal citizen and detractor to the new President-elect, Donald Trump.

Newt eviscerates those on the left such as Barack Obama, in this new video, as he went on Hannity last night to debate how the left is going to de-legitimize Trump and all of his cabinet appointments. This is incredible.

Please share this everywhere. This is something every American needs to see.

H/T: YesImRight

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