"Never Trumper" Claims POTUS Supporters See Scalise Shooting as a "Blessing"

GOP establishment hack, Rick Wilson, is claiming that Trump supporters are considering the Virginia shooting as a “blessing.”

He says that it’s considered a “grim blessing” due to it calling into question the hateful liberal rhetoric and that this was a “sign of their moral decay.”

No, Rick, no one would ever see people getting shot as a “blessing,” everyone knew the left’s hateful ways long before the Virginia shooting.

Just a reminder, Wilson is one of the most vile “Never Trumpers” ever and he once suggested that someone should “put a bullet” in Trump.

From Infowars

“A lot of clickservatives saw yesterday as a grim blessing,” Wilson tweeted the morning after a gunman who hated Trump and Republicans opened fire on Republicans who were practicing for the Congressional Baseball Game.

After saying that Trump supporters were “dead right” about the “media double standard,” Wilson claimed “the thing they really loved… even at the cost of a lunatic Bernie Bro almost committing mass murder was… the chance to try to blame opposition to Trump on the shooting.”

He added this was a “sign of their moral decay.”


H/T: Truth Feed

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