Michelle Obama Drunk As Hell In Never-Before-Seen Video That Leaked Online [VIDEO]

The internet is truly an interesting place, since when something appears there, the chances of it being deleted forever are small. But while that can have its own benefits, it turned out quite the opposite for former First Lady Michelle Obama, when a video appeared of her being drunk at Beyonce’s birthday party along with Oprah and other A-list guests.

The video was leaked this Friday, and it shows Beyonce, her sister Solange and Michelle, all saying “Bye Felicia!” The term represents an insult, meaning that it is not the classiest thing to say when you’re the first lady (the video was filmed back in 2016). It once again goes on to show the difference in class between first lady Melania and Michelle. While the first one is putting all her effort to set an example of style, behavior and class, the other one is behaving like a teenager. The video can be seen below:

On the other hand, it is relieving to know that currently we have a real first lady that is suited to set an example, not only for grown ups, but for children all over the world. It seems that the saying “you can’t buy class” is true after all, after seeing Michelle’s humiliating video.

And while the mainstream media won’t report this to protect Michelle’s ‘saint image’ we need spread the word so everyone can what type of a first lady we had in office for 8 years.

H/T: USA News Flash

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