Melania Will Not Wear The Head Scarf In Saudi Arabia, Teaches Michelle How To Fight For Women

Melania Trump is not Michelle Obama. We all can see the huge difference between the two. Melania has another level of elegance and class that most women, including Michelle, can only aspire to.

She is more than just beautiful, she is smart and accomplished. Sure, Michelle had a career full of high paid no-show government jobs but those don’t really count. She didn’t earn those and there was no penalty if she didn’t perform.

Melania did it the American way – all on her own. She came as an immigrant and worked as a model and small business owner and never got a handout.

Which is why she is so humble. But don’t mistake Melania’s silence on most issues for weakness.

In fact, she is about to go to Saudi Arabia and show incredible strength and courage and do what Michelle should have done  – not cover up.

The Saudi’s are rolling out the red carpet for President Trump’s visit because they hope he will reject Obama’s policy of appeasing Iran at the expense of the Sunni Arabs.

There will be discussing a huge arms deal and believe it or not Toby Keith is going to give a concert over there. But what has people talking is Melania’s courageous stand.

Women in Saudi Arabia, including foreign visitors, are expected to wear a floor length dress and a head scarf. Because they are “foreign” the Saudi sharia police do not require them to wear the full Burka and cover everything but the eyes.

Nice huh? Any woman who would go to such a barbaric land and acquiesce to sharia is no hero – I am talking about you, Michelle. That is not how you stand up for women.

In case you need a lesson, watch Melania take the Muslim world by storm on her terms, without bending to sharia.



H/T: World News Politics

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