Liberals LIVID After Hearing What Kid Rock Will Do If He's Elected As A Senator

The nation was shocked yesterday when the famous star Kid Rock made an official announcement, claiming he will bid to run for the U.S. Senate in his home state of Michigan.

Despite achieving fame for his music and rock career, Kid Rock has been a second amendment defender for quite some time, even making it in the list of first famous people to come out and support President Trump during the presidential elections, being so enthusiastic about Trump being elected to the point where he even started selling President Trump memorabilia on his personal website store, with items that had the slogan “God, Guns, and Trump!”

And just to clarify how serious his candidacy is, we’re going to mention the fact that Massachusetts Senator and Looney Liberal Progressive activist Elizabeth Warren is not running in the same state, but using this opportunity to collect money as fundraising. While she wrote and email in which she claimed that Kid Rock’s candidacy is a joke, her claims have often being proved to not hold any water, since she thought that Donald Trump’s run for president was a joke too.

“I know a lot of people are thinking: this is some sort of joke, right?” wrote Warren in her email. “Well, maybe this is all a joke — but we all thought Donald Trump was joking when he rode down the escalator at Trump Tower and announced his campaign, too.”

And sure, maybe this is just a marketing gimmick for a new album or tour — but we all thought Donald Trump was just promoting his reality TV show, too,” she added.

H/T: USA News Flash

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