JUST IN: Trump Just Gave Gingrich The Best News of His Career – IT'S HAPPENING

AMAZING NEWS! The big pundit of justice, one of the biggest American patriots, who is ALWAYS bold and ready to tell the truth, and expose the liberal elites.

There was a rumor in the past few weeks that Newt Gingrich with his extraordinary knowledge, professionalism, and dedication, may join Trump’s team. Gingrich was, of course, hated by the liberal leftists during Obama’s time.

Gingrich spent his time working for the greater good as he did amazing things for the American nation with his last couple of books that he wrote and also promoted.

Many of the DC Swamp called him a conspiracy theorist, dreamer, and propagandist, BUT IN THE END, Newt Gingrich proved them wrong. His ideology and loyalty to the American cause are stronger than the liberal lies and sick propaganda.

For that matter, he is going to be rewarded. Donald Trump has intentions to hire Newt Gingrich as the New House Chief of Staff. This is a REALLY IMPORTANT position, which Reince Priebus was not capable enough to get a hold of.

Mike Cernovich, a pro-Trump journalist, announced the big news. Cernovich is a person that is pretty well connected with the conservative political echelon, and he is also connected to Newt Gingrich.

Donald Trump is very happy with Newt Gingrich sideline pieces of advice in the past few weeks. Newt Gingrich even suggested to Trump to CLOSE the WH Press room.

This radicalism from Gingrich, as well as his FREE SPEECHES ( I called them like this because he is NEVER afraid to say whatever he thinks it’s true) against the DEEP STATE.

Newt Gingrich is famous for his eternal battle against the shadow government and the liberal elites. He is a man who knows the secrets of globalism, knows very well what the liberals did in the USA and now he is going to have a chance to strike against the liberal leftists.

Are you happy about this? Do you think Trump is serious to hire Mr. Gingrich on this position?

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