JUST IN: Ted Cruz Unleashes His Fury On CNN’s Biased Obamacare Reporting


On the campaign trail, Texas Senator Ted Cruz was one of Donald Trump’s most bitter opponents. Now, Senator Cruz is one of the strongest voices fighting on behalf of patriotic America.

Senator Cruz took to Twitter recently in order to publicly expose CNN’s complete hypocrisy when it comes to the new GOP health care plan. Whereas CNN labeled Mr. Cruz’s Consumer Freedom amendment with a derogatory “so-called,” Cruz point out the lack of a similar “so-called” when it came to Obama’s Affordable Care Act, via IJR.

In other words, CNN did not express one iota of skepticism when it came to Obamacare.

Now, with the battle over the GOP alternative to Obamacare raging, CNN has taken to dismissing, discrediting, and defaming the GOP bill at every opportunity.

CNN’s culture of political bias not only been exposed by Senator Cruz, but also by Project Veritas.

In a series of videos called “American Pravda,” Project Veritas has consistently shown that CNN knowingly promotes false stories in order to help the Democrats, sincerely believes that our president is “crazy,” and regards American voters as “stupid as sh**,” via YouTube.

Insofar as health care coverage is concerned, CNN has given plenty of airtime to people like Massachusetts Senator Elizabeth Warren (D-MA) and Vermont Senator Bernie Sanders (I-VT). Both of these individuals have used inflammatory rhetoric about “millions” of America’s dying due to the “blood money” of the GOP health care bill.

Unsurprisingly, a very sick man named James T. Hodgkinson tried to kill several Republican lawmakers based on such hyperbole, via Got News.

The good will following the shooting in Alexandria did not last a single week, as CNN and their Democratic friends began pulling their hair out and waving the bloody shirt over the Republican efforts to reform Obamacare.

Senator Cruz should be commended for tweeting his displeasure about CNN’s bias.

Mr. Cruz’s proposed amendment would allow those with pre-existing conditions to maintain their Obamacare-era coverage, while those without pre-existing conditions could return to the plans they once had at possibly a third of the rate, via The Hill.

This amendment does not need the provision of “so-called”; it is an amendment designed to save the American consumer thousands of dollars annually in health care insurance costs. That’s more than one can say about the whole of Obamacare.

Always remember this: CNN is the media outlet that book Obama’s “If you like your health care plan, you can keep it.” They cannot be trusted when it comes to reporting on American health care.

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H/T: Angry Patriot Movement

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