John Cusack Just Called For Immediate Death of President Donald Trump! BOYCOTT!

The liberal demagogy of hatred, violence and double standards infected the entire Hollywood community. John Cusack is now part of the most hated American celebrities after he sent his message: TRUMP DEAD!

The liberals are obsessed with Donald Trump’s murder, this makes me scared. Like it wasn’t enough that a couple of his celebrity buddies “preached” about how important for the “resistance” is to eliminate President Trump.

Cusack followed the example of his colleague Johny Depp( who recently also asked for Trump’s elimination) and he posted this horrible picture on his twitter account. He deleted his tweet after a while, but we have the screenshots lasting forever.

After the Virginia shooting, we all expected the end of this horrible social madness and propaganda of violence and hatred.

It happened the exact opposite. The liberal hordes and their role models are in some undefined state of mind, blown away in the eye of the tornado of hatred and evilness, bloodthirsty falling in trans, in their ecstasy of anger, calling for the murder of the POTUS. It’s like the new liberal MANTRA!


Some of you, dear readers, made some astonishing comments that I feel the need to share them again. Some of you, dear patriots, think that Hollywood is, literally, in MEDIA WAR against President Trump and the current administration because Hollywood is the epicenter of the elite pedophile rings.

That’s a smart conclussion, but to be honest, I think that this is something way bigger… John Cusac deserve to be condemned for what he did. Share this story and spread the word! BOYCOTT JOHN CUSAC!

H/T: Right Forever

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