Jesse Watters Goes ALL IN, Exposes the REAL Collusion & It Ain

Wow! Jesse Watters just showed the leftists who made collusion in the election campaign last year. He opened one of the most painful topics, literally IGNORED by the mainstream media.

You know what are we talking about, right? The real collusion was between HILLARY and the MEDIA. If you remember well, the media GAVE HILLARY THE QUESTIONS IN THE DEBATES.

Do you know what that means? That’s cheating and it’s completely illegal and immoral. Listen to Jesse Watters and his powerful analysis in the video below:

Fox News’ conservative pundits in the past couple of days literally DEMOLISHED the mainstream media and all of the liberal loudmouths.

In fact, the Russian lawyer was working for HILLARY and she was supposed to set Trump up, so they can accuse him of having Russian connections for interfering the election.

However, Donald Jr. revealed the true story after he published his emails. The leftists, anyway, continue to stubbornly dispose of their Russia-Trump story.

Tomorrow, Susan Rice has the chance to end the mystery. Is she going to do that or she will plead the Fifth, or the deep state will protect her again, what do you think? Comment on our Facebook link.

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