Ivanka Just Did More For Working Mothers Than Hillary, Michelle, and Nancy Pelosi Combined

Ivanka Trump has come under vicious assault from the left for everything. First, she was attacked because she was President Trump’s daughter.

Then they built up Ivanka as the only person who could moderate her father. According to the liberal media, Ivanka was the last line of defense for America. Believe me, I read that stuff – I have to, for work.

Then they attacked her because she couldn’t get the President to do what THEY wanted him to. Not what Ivanka wanted but they.

You see, they never asked Ivanka if she disagreed with her father, they just assumed because she was a woman she agreed with them.

Liberals are nothing if not arrogant.

As it turns out the liberals kind of got one right this time because Ivanka and Donald both agree on giving new mothers paid family leave.

And unlike Michelle Obama, Hillary Clinton, and Nancy Pelosi, the Trump’s don’t just talk – they do. And the Trumps just announced paid family leave is in the budget for the first time.

No liberal democrat has ever done this – oh yeah, they all talked about it but they never did it.

The democrats talked a big game about trying to help mothers and working families but they never lifted a finger. Instead, they passed NAFTA which made it worse.

Before NAFTA, one good paycheck could support the family so one spouse could stay home with the kids. After NAFTA, they both had to work just to survive.

Do you realize how much damage this did to American families, Hillary? Creating latchkey kids by the millions thrown into sub-par (cheap) day care or simply left on their own because there are no good jobs.

Having one parent stay home, at least in the early years, is critical to developing children. Look at it this way – liberals want strangers to raise your kids while conservatives want you to.

How else to explain how the democrats never got this done, or never even tried, while it took Ivanka 100 days to get the plan on the verge of law.

According to ABC, a senior budget official confirmed that the budget will require states to provide paid family leave.

The official said the budget will provide six weeks of paid leave to new mothers, fathers and adoptive parents. This will not be a federal mandate, it will be up to the states to design programs that fit their residents. That is smart.


H/T: World News Politics

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