INSTANT KARMA! Watch What Happened To Bill Maher After His DISGUSTING Attack on Ivanka

Bill Maher said something HORRIBLE. His INCEST JOKE shook America. Who would have thought that the mainstream media is able to hit the rock bottom, but this was so unexpected, nearly crazy?

Stephen Colbert insulted the President with his homophobic joke against President Trump and President Putin. What he did is not only insulting but also dangerous. These two are probably the most powerful and responsible presidents in the world. But that meant nothing for Colbert. He didn’t even apologize.

The fans wanted him fired. Now, you have to see how the fans reacted after Bill Maher stunned everybody with his sick claims that Ivanka Trump is having sex with her father for favors.

On the video above you can see how cruel Bill Maher is. His gesticulations and speech of hate prove how far can a frustration get.

We also informed you who stands behind this liberal menaces who are able to ‘trash’ the president with the most vulgar words on live TV.  Clintons and their foundation are always ‘generous’ to cooperate and award a good ‘journalist’ or ‘showmen’. But this nation is sick and tired of hatred and negativity. We want justice, we want the truth, we want reforms. That’s enough- we don’t need sick jokes and insults on daily basis.

Sometimes we had standards in the media. Today the mainstream media totally lost its credibility. Everybody knows who the “fake news” stations are. However, I am proud, because America is finally AWAKE and FREE!

H/T: Right Forever

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