Grenfell Tower victim, 24, was due to marry in just three weeks and her partner is now doing

A cousin of a family of five who went missing in the Grenfell Tower inferno has revealed his despair as they have still not been found since the blaze.

Devastated father-of-three Abdul Khan has not seen his cousins Abdul Hamid, 26, Abdul Hanif, 29, and Hosna Begum, 24, since the fire which has so far claimed at least 30 lives with dozens more feared missing.

His uncle Komru Miah, 82, and aunt Razia Begum, in her late 60s, are also missing since the blaze which engulfed the 17th floor flat that all five of the family members shared in west London.

Hosna, a retail worker, was due to be married in just three weeks, in a traditional ceremony with 1,000 guests expected.

Abdul, 60, who is originally from Bangladesh but who has lived in Britain for decades, told MailOnline: ‘The pain had just been getting worse. Five members of family were lost and we had no idea where they were.

‘When I found out they were missing I wasn’t 100% sure what to think at the time, I was very confused

‘With the state of the fire I had seen on the news I thought maybe they were trapped in the flat.

‘My uncle said “I’m going, forgive me if I’ve been offensive to anyone”.

‘He was on the phone to some relatives for three hours – the blaze was still going down and firefighters and fire crew were struggling to save as many people as they can but it’s beyond their control.

Within 15 minutes the fire had spread through the whole building. How can this happen? When the whole building went up I thought ‘it must be a miracle for my family to survive’. My eyes couldn’t believe it had happened.

‘For me, at that time I said to god “please find a way that they can come along with other people trapped in the tower who are safe and well”. That’s all I could think about in that moment.’

Taxi driver Abdul, who has lived in London for 35 years and now stays in Henson, said: ‘Emotionally I’ve been very down and very sad. Not only for the relatives of ours but for every person who’s still missing.

‘We feel what their family members are going through. They’re all human beings – those people who suffered, those people who lost their lives, those relatives who lost their loved ones.’

Speaking of Hosna’s upcoming wedding, Abdul said: ‘Husna was born and raised here in this country. She was very active, she was very helpful and she was a very loved young lady by the whole family.

She was a very easygoing person, very kind. All the friends that she had who have lost her are still coming to terms with it – they can’t feel that she’s gone. Last time I saw her all she could talk about was the wedding – everything was arranged, all the invitations were sent.

‘She was looking forward to it, she was excited to be getting a life partner, she was getting married to the person that she loves. Her partner is doing terribly – you can imagine what he is going through.

‘They were planning a normal Indian Bangladeshi wedding with more than 1,000 guests. Everybody was looking forward to the wedding day and now it’s the opposite – everything is turned upside down.’

One of Abdul’s sons who lives nearby as well as his daughter-in-law and granddaughter are now helping the community.

He said: ‘Everyone is comforting each other. We believe very much in faith. It’s important for us to help and be part of the community.

‘The community, the public was much more helpful than the government – people from all walks of life came together and tried to help as much as possible.

‘But I was very surprised at the government. The prime minister of this country only came after 36 hours. That was unbelievable and unacceptable. Even the Queen, Her Majesty, came down and the Labour Party leader Jeremy Corbyn was hugging with people but Theresa May isn’t giving any kind of reaction. It’s very bad.’




H/T: Daily Info

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