GOP Congressman Introducing GAME-CHANGING Legislation

Rep. Mo Brooks (R-AL) appeared on Fox News’ ‘Sunday Morning Futures’ with Maria Bartiromo and shared his thoughts on the GOP baseball practice shooting.

Brooks had been on the field and witnessed the horrible event. He wasn’t hurt, but he applied a tourniquet to one of the injured men.

Brooks’ name was also on the list that the shooter had of Congress members.

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Bartiromo asked Brooks about Steve Scalise’s condition, to which he praised the medical staff and said he was very encouraged by the progress Scalise was making.

Batiromo then pointed out that had Scalise not been there, the GOP team would not have had his Capitol Police security team, Agents David Bailey and Crystal Griner, to protect them.

Considering the terrible events, she asked if Congress members were considering increasing their members’ security in some way.

Brooks informed that he will be introducing legislation this week that would allow congressmen to carry firearms for self-protection when they are not in the Capitol, reports Young Conservatives.

“As of right now when we’re in Washington, D.C., once we’re off the Capitol Hill grounds complex we’re still congressmen, senators, we’re still high-profile targets but we have absolutely no way to defend ourselves because of Washington, D.C.’s rather restrictive gun laws,” the Republican congressman explained.

Bartiromo then asked him about his name being on the ‘target list’ that police later found, and whether he was concerned.

“Well I’m very much concerned by that,” Brooks admitted. “You’ve got a situation where, yes, this one shooter has been killed, but he’s a member of an organization that applauded what transpired on Wednesday.”

Given the later discoveries of a Facebook group called “Terminate the Republican Party,” whose members celebrated the shooting, writing, “It’s one, two, three shots you’re out at the old ball game,” there are a lot of reasons to be worried.

As Brooks said, Congress members needed to be more wary. Maybe this legislation will help them feel safer.



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H/T: The Federalist Tribune

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