George Soros Busted Sneakily Buying US District Attorney’s Seats – This Means War

George Soros just can’t help himself. He is a meddler. A rich guy who thinks he knows best and uses his enormous war chest to make sure the rest of us do what he says.

That is the main problem with liberals. They are intolerant. They believe they are right and there can be no debate.

And God forgive the person who disagrees with them publicly. We get the modern equivalent of burning at the stake for our heresy.

But the liberals are not just a public nuisance, they are always quietly working behind the scenes to advance their agenda.

None more so that George Soros. The Daily Caller just released an explosive report that shows Soros has a new mission in America – buying the courts.

How could one buy the courts you ask? District Attorneys are elected and so are, and this is a shocker because most people don’t know this, many judgeships now.

Soros the biggest but just one of the liberal billionaires we have to combat just made the difference in the Philadelphia district attorney’s race.

He gave an unheard of – this for a DA race – $1.45 million to fund a super PAC for his favorite Larry Krasner. Philly is democratic and the field was large in the dem primary.

All the usual suspects were there but there was one very liberal candidate no one gave much of a chance. he had never been a prosecutor and was even too liberal for Philadelphia.

Krasner was getting crushed when all of a sudden something magical happened. $1.45 million rained down on his head, courtesy of Soros, and in a race this small that was the difference.

As a Philadelphia Inquirer said of the sudden come from behind victory, “Soros changed the game.”

The left is organized, well funded, and they play dirty. We must be prepared to fight back against Soros and his buddy’s.

H/T: World News Politics

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