Flynn Finally Broke Silence – Look What Trump Told Him That Has Patriots Cheering

Months after being fired back in February, the former-National Security Adviser Michael Flynn has stated that President Donald Trump told him to “stay strong.”

Back in April, the former National Security Adviser met with a small group of loyalists in Virginia, with the goal of discussing future business opportunities. However, it seemed that some of those individuals were concerned more with what Flynn thought of Trump, who fired him from his position.

Now we are all well-informed that Flynn not only remained loyal to Trump until the very end, but he even indicated that he and the president are still communicating.

‘I just got a message from the president to stay strong,’ said Flynn during the dinner on April 25.

While sources did not mention how Trump sent the message to Flynn, if the claims turn out to be true that the two men are still in contact, this would raise a number of questions about Trump’s reported request to the ex-FBI Director Comey, to shut down a federal investigation of Flynn.

One thing is for certain – Flynn has been having a hard time these past few months, being a target of an ongoing FBI counterintelligence probe as well as a separate federal investigation in Virginia and other congressional investigations. Therefore, it is only understandable for Trump to tell him to “stay strong” while going through this chaotic period of his life.

H/T: USA News Flash

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