"Faith in Love Of Jesus Healed Me Of Cancer” Says Actor Val Kilmer

Val Kilmer, devout Christian Scientist and actor, says his recovery from oral cancer is because of his faith in the love of Jesus. On a recent Q&A the 57-year old answered the public’s questions about having and beating cancer. He said:

“I am very grateful for all the prayers and good thoughts from around the world. People that know I am a Christian Scientist make the assumption that I have somehow endangered myself. But many, many people have been healed by prayer throughout recorded history. And many, many people have died by whatever was modern medicine.”

Christian Science was founded and discovered by Mary Baker Eddy.

The faith appreciates God as “infinite love, and so invariably good that a clear glimpse of this through prayer has power to heal, redeem, and restore anyone.” The website explains that Eddy turned to God after a critical injury in 1866:

“As she read accounts of Jesus’ swift, powerful healings, a new sense of God, Spirit, as the only reality flooded her thought and healed her. Impelled to understand the principle behind this experience, she continued to search for and find in the Bible the underlying laws of God that would form the basis of her teaching and practice of Christian Science.”

Kilmer continued by saying:

“I had the honor of knowing Dr. Bernard Lown, for example, a man whose invention of the refribulator, (SP) never spell it right. The machine with the paddles that zaps people back into the world of the living. … I asked him what was the most important thing for a doctor to do when a patient fears for their life. He started to weep without his voice wavering and he leaned into me and said, ‘Fluff their pillow. That’s what I tell all the interns.
LOVE. Love heals. More than any other skills, I urge them to LOVE the life they are entrusted to save.’ Well, that’s what is at the heart of Mrs. Eddy’s understanding of the teachings of Jesus.”


Kilmer believes that Lown taught his students how to understand the immense power of love and use it to heal mental and physical challenges. He added:

“I have seen people turn down love. I have turned it down myself when I was younger. I still had hearings through relying solely on prayer, and came in went from a very challenging faith. And sometimes had hearings when I didn’t believe. It didn’t matter in Jesus’ day whether the patient believed. It doesn’t matter today. Love doesn’t care about our tiny human thoughts. That’s how I understand it anyway.
I try to mind my own business now that I’m older. I also hope I never turn down love again. It was an unspeakable sense of universal support while I was briefly in the hospital. Even two of my doctors mentioned praying with me, for me. Sometimes people are surprisingly mean about this sort of talk. Maybe they mix it up in their minds with extremists. People screaming with signs in front of Planned Parenthood or something. That’s not my sense of Christianity.”


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H/T: The Federalist Tribune

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