Ex-CIA Reveals Evil Plan To Overthrow President Trump – HE NEEDS OUR SUPPORT!!

Ex-CIA Official explains that the intelligence community is going after President Trump’s family members.

According to Lifezette: Ex – CIA agent mentioned that the Trump family is without doubt being targeted by intelligence agencies and some other factors wanting to harm the Trump administration.

Bob Baer, a ex -CIA case official, made the remarks on Friday in the course of an appearance on “The Laura Ingraham Show.” Ingraham questioned Baer if right-wing populist political activists need to be worried regarding being supervised by deep state actors.

“You can count on it that people are after the Trump family right now.”

“For you and me, no … we’re not that important to the equation,” Baer explained. “But you can count on it that people are after the Trump family right now.”

“In the government they’re combing through intercepts, they’re combing through conversations. Nobody in that family is not being watched by the press, by foreign governments who have interests in this — and if you in any way were to become a public figure in politics, yeah, you’re vulnerable,” stated Baer.

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H/T: Cons Patriot

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