Donald Trump upstages Barack Obama . . . inadvertently hijacks lame duck’s farewell speech!

Donald Trump upstaged Barack Obama again — this time during the lame duck’s farewell speech.

While many liberals were panting over Obama’s long goodbye, Trump dominated the headlines amid unsubstantiated rumors that Russia has “compromising” information on him.

CNN stirred the rumor mill by claiming Russia had a secret blackmail dossier on Trump. Leftist website BuzzFeed followed up by publishing the unverified dossier that other media outlets refused to publish because they couldn’t verify the claims made in it.

Buzzfeed even admitted in a disclaimer that the claims against Trump were erroneous and unconfirmed: “The allegations are unverified, and the report contains errors.”

But naturally, the liberal “fake news” purveyor published the dossier anyway in a cheap bid for page views.

BuzzFeed editor-in-chief Ben Smith admitted: “There is serious reason to doubt the allegations.”

While the left was obviously hoping these unsubstantiated claims would damage Trump, the opposite happened, with both liberal and conservative journalists blasting the shoddy reporting of CNN and BuzzFeed.

So instead of fawning over Obama’s race-baiting farewell speech, most people were discussing Trump’s fake dossier and “golden showers” (a reference to claims that Trump had hired prostitutes to urinate on a hotel bed that the Obamas once stayed in).

Meanwhile, the Kremlin trashed Buzzfeed and CNN’s reports as “no more than fiction,” and denied it had kept a blackmail dossier on Trump.

Even radical leftists like Julia Ioffe, who suggested Trump was having sex with his daughter Ivanka, refused to publish the story, saying it was “impossible to verify.”

You know a report is FAKE NEWS when anti-Trump Mother Jones editor David Corn is defending Trump.

“Even Donald Trump deserves journalistic fairness,” Corn tweeted.

ABC News reporter Steve Irvin tweeted: “Real journalists have standards.”

WikiLeaks, which has a 100% record of accurate authentication, also weighed in.

Trump attorney Michael Cohen — who was accused in the fake news report of having traveled to Prague to talk to Kremlin officials in August 2016 — has never been to Prague.

So there you have it from one horse’s mouth.

One tweep said the “blackmail dossier” was a 4chan prank, and the anti-Trump media fell for it — hook, line and sinker.

Finally, Donald Trump called the incident yet another lame attempt by fake news-shilling mainstream media to smear his presidency.

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