CNN reporter posts photo of moving truck outside WH, doesn’t get the response she probably hoped for

A moving truck was spotted outside the White House, and many Americans are jumping for joy.

A photo of the moving truck was posted on Twitter by CNN reporter Michelle Kosinski, who captioned the picture, “It’s that time…”

President Obama and outgoing First Lady Michelle Obama will vacate the White House on January 20, when Donald Trump will be sworn in as the nation’s 45th president.

But before they leave, the Obamas will host one more lavish party for their close friends and donors on the taxpayers’ dime, natch.

Twitter reacted to the moving truck with characteristic hilarity and snark.

One Twitter user joked that the leftist New York Times will twist the Obamas’ move-out to fit their anti-Trump narrative.

Others wondered if the Obamas will steal anything from the White House the way Hillary Clinton reportedly did.

Some on Twitter were just thrilled that Obama is finally leaving after eight long years.

One Twitter user has never been so excited about PMS (presidential moving service).

Other Twitter users broke out into song (or at least the equivalent, in 140 characters or less).

Others just (virtually) danced with joy and exploded with excitement.

Another astute Twitter user observed that the CNN reporter who posted the news probably wasn’t too happy with the responses her tweet was getting.

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