BREAKING: Trump Just Showed 9 Muslim Leaders Who’s Boss With THIS Brilliant Move

The topic of immigration has been hot and heavy since Trump INITIALLY announced that he was running for president. Now, just a couple months in, Trump is showing everyone — including nine Muslim leaders — who is BOSS!

When President Trump first made it into office, 20 countries refused to take back their immigrants. He now managed to get that number down to a mere 12 in just a couple short months. Trump has given these countries a brilliant offer they can’t refuse; Take back your illegal/criminal immigrants or NO ONE from your country gets visas to come here, per Washington Times.

The other countries used to bully us into taking the people they didn’t want. They would give us their criminals and follow it with a “no give backs” mentality. Luckily, Obama isn’t in office anymore and the days of other countries bullying us are officially at an end.

As you probably imagine, when countries like Iraq and Somalia hear that they are not going to be able to get visas to come here LEGALLY unless they do something about their criminals in America, their tune tends to change. We are glad that they can see it OUR way now.

Statistics are usually the best sign that something has changed. Consider this: seven months into the fiscal year, 259 people were taken back to Somalia. In 2016, that number was 198, and it was a mere 17 in 2015.

Marlen Pineiro, one of the top ICE agents, explained that Trump has put a focus on Homeland Security, which is necessary for accelerating deportations. She stated, “The wind being at our wings is really driving us forward.”

America NEEDS this kind of push to stop criminal immigrants from staying here. Obama allowed them to remain here unchecked. The result was the loss of life, robbery-based crime, and an overall sense of uneasiness throughout the country.

We should not be afraid to go outside because of unchecked criminals prowling the streets. President Trump stood up not just for our country as a whole, but EVERY SINGLE PATRIOT that lives here!

If you try to explain any of this to the liberals, they will call you a racist, Islamophobic, or bigot. It is ironic that they have NO problem name-calling if you disagree with them. However, if YOU disagree with someone, you better sit down and shut up. Not anymore. They might not realize it right now, but soon they will know that this is NOT the PC “safe space” country that it was just last year.

We are standing up for our rights, putting these criminals in their place, and taking back our country at ANY cost. Due to failed leadership, we have lost sight of the dream for a while now.

Thanks to President Trump, we FINALLY have a bright future ahead. He has already made leaps and bounds in a short amount of time. It is going to be AMAZING to see what he does for us after four years!

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H/T: Angry Patriot Movement

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