BREAKING: The UN is in PANIC MODE Over Trump’s New Orders- He WARNED Them!

For decades the United Nations and many nations, in general, have been mooching off the United States.

They’ve taken advantage of America’s massive superiority, allowing us to essentially subsidize the defense of their countries at the expense of the US taxpayer.

But Trump’s worldview has changed the calculus of the status quo, which has the UN and many of our allies freaking out.

As reported at Right Wing News, the Trump administration has finally released its first budget, and to the globalists’ dismay, it would slash US funding for the useless UN by 50 percent.

A report from Foreign Policy has just claimed that State Department staffers have been told they need to seek cuts in excess of 50 percent of the U.S funding for U.N. programs

Unsurprisingly, the leftists that run the influential site and magazine are fear-mongering over the cuts.

They’ve called them an unprecedented retreat by President Donald Trump’s administration from international operations that keep the peace, provide vaccines for children, monitor rogue nuclear weapons programs, and promote peace talks from Syria to Yemen.”

Boo hoo.

It’s not America’s job to take care of everyone.

It’s a ‘damned if we do damned if we don’t’ situation, and if that’s the way it’s going to be, we should opt for the later and save resources.

The taxpayers spend $10 billion a year on the UN (22 percent of its total budget), and all it does is attack the US and try to dictate our nation’s policy.

Many of the subgroups that are part of the UN are run by radical Muslims and others that hate the US, like the OIC.

They try and tell us that we need to accept refugees and be more tolerant, while back in their countries, they stone people for adultery and treat women like trash.

The UN is also notoriously inept and inefficiently run, not the kind of organization that deserves our money since they so professionally waste it.

Trump is right.

The time of free-riding is over.

America first from here on out. If the UN and our allies don’t like it, they can go pound sand.

H/T: A. Daily Patriot

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