BREAKING: Paul Ryan Says, “I Don’t Want” to Work With Trump. Should He Be Fired?

It’s been quite the fall from grace for House Speaker Paul Ryan. Seems like yesterday he and Romney were rallying around VP hopeful Ryan’s “fiscal” economic plan and entitlement cutting agenda. My, how things change.

As President Trump so bluntly put it: “That was the end of that campaign, by the way, when they chose Ryan.” With Trump doing everything possible to repeal/replace disastrous Obamacare it seems a vindictive Paul Ryan is doing everything possible to undermine him.

In an interview with CBS This Morning, Ryan put forth his defiance for our president and flat out said he would not work with Trump on his new efforts to get our healthcare fixed, (via Bloomberg).

The funny thing here is that right before making that statement, Ryan made it clear he does not want government involved in health care, yet the very bill he put in front of Congress was packed with government control so much it was dubbed Obamacare Light by most conservative pundits.

Ryan’s embarrassing inability to garner enough healthcare passing votes, with Republicans making up the majority of the house AND senate, is leaving people confused, upset, and angry.

To say Ryan is putting up a roadblock in front of the president’s attempt to save many American people from future healthcare hardships would be an understatement. Ryan is bordering on outright sabotage, which is not someone we need leading our republican congressmen.

All talk no action: Ryan is encouraging members to continue talking to each other about healthcare to “get to a place of yes” according to his spokeswoman AshLee Strong.

In fact, the speaker has talked so much, he is actively contradicting himself. In the same interview Ryan addresses Trumps initiative to uphold his campaign promises. Ryan states he feels, “Republicans are pushing the president to the other side of the aisle so he can make good on campaign promises to redo Obamacare. I don’t want that to happen.”

Mr. Speaker, it is clear you can’t even influence a Republican majority congress to vote against the Democrats’ and their unsurprising commitment to vote against anything put forth by the right. What use are you to the president and American people if you are unwilling and can not perform your job duties, even with the chips stacked in your favor?

With Democrats doing their best to pretend Obamacare is not about to “explode,” it seems inevitable at least some moderate Democrats would be willing to “wave the white flag” in their steadfast support of the current healthcare bill, which continues to hurt the American people as each day passes.

Imagine if your boss gave everyone a task to do and you, as the project manager, decided to go rogue in an attempt to make your boss look bad — knowing full well your boss is the one whose reputation would suffer because of his position?

That mentality is unacceptable for the average citizen, so why should it be overlooked for a more powerful individual (Paul Ryan) who represents millions of Americans?

Nevertheless, the bill was pulled from receiving a vote-count and Ryan addressed the people with his tail between his legs, admitting defeat while his glaring incompetence was immensely obvious.

Our president is a stand-up guy who accepts blame, even at no fault of his own — which is the kind of character trait that will make him a great president with an outstanding legacy. However, with Trump continuing to “drain the swamp,” it seems some creatures have deviously hid in the mud and Trump is going to have to smoke them out of their defiant, agenda-plotting burrow. Hopefully Paul Ryan will be next!

H/T: Angry Patriot Movement

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