BREAKING – Major Fox News On-Air Personality Just QUIT, Conservatives Are Stunned

Some of us were expecting this to happen, but most conservatives thought the rumors would blow over, and Fox News would be back to normal after Trump took office. Not so fast!

Kelly, the face of The Kelly File on Fox News, has resigned from her position and will be moving on to NBC News to host a daily program there instead, as per CNN Money.

This is something many people have called for and expected due to the biased hatred Kelly has for Donald Trump.

There were rumors of her bring fired or quitting since the presidential election, and apparently, they were more than rumors. Some speculated that Judge Jeanine Pirro would be replacing Kelly in her primetime spot on Fox News.

No information to prove this has been said as of yet, but you never know. Kelly’s future with Fox News was rocky at best following the election, and she continued to be against the man who won over the country and became the president-elect.

According to reports, Kelly was also considering joining ABC and CNN, two other strongly liberal mainstream media networks before deciding to go with NBC. Kelly made an annual salary of around $20 million, matching the salary of Bill O’Reilly, who was both her colleague and rival.

“Megyn is an exceptional journalist and news anchor, who has had an extraordinary career,” NBC Universal News Group chairman Andy Lack stated in a staff email. “She’s demonstrated tremendous skill and poise, and we’re lucky to have her.”

On Kelly’s social media, she had nothing but positive things to say about Fox News, claiming they “incredibly enriched” her life during the 12 years she worked there. Though this announcement has seemed to catch Fox News itself as a surprise.

Rupert Murdoch, as well as his sons James and Lachlan, who are the heads of Fox News and 21st Century Fox, tried to convince Kelly to stay with the company, but it doesn’t seem to have worked. It seems that Kelly wanted a more liberal network, and she got it.

It’s not surprising, considering she clashed very strongly with Bill O’Reilly and Sean Hannity. And we all know that liberals cannot take conflict very well, so when in doubt she moved on to join people who shared her views.

I won’t miss The Kelly File, to say the least, because for most of the election it was nothing but Trump bashing and matching the rest of the mainstream media garbage that was on the TV. Now, maybe she can come out from her conservative shell and prove once and for all her true loyalties lie on the left side of the aisle.

H/T: Angry Patriot Movement

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