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The mass media are constantly saying that President Trump should open the border with Mexico and allow free transfer of goods. However, what the Border patrol just discovered at the Texas border reminded America why President Trump is keeping the border the way it is.

Breitbart reported that Border agents that are stationed at Falfurrias, Texas checkpoint discovered a 250-pound shipment of liquid methamphetamine. This is just 80 miles from the border with Mexico. Funny thing is, this discovery is made just days after a similar discovery was made by the Customs and Border Protection (CBP) officers. As you know, they found 200 pounds of liquid meth hidden in a fuel tank.

This all begun when Brooks County, Texas Border Patrol agents noticed a Ford F-250 approaching the inspection checkpoint. The agents were immediately alerted by a K-9 unit They responded to this by asking the driver (U.S. Citizen) to head towards a secondary inspection station. After thoroughly searching the vehicle, the agents discovered 250 pounds of liquid methamphetamine.

It is estimated that the methamphetamine was worth around $8 million. Of course, the agents arrested the driver at once. He will now face drug smuggling charges.

This is why President Trump is keeping things very tight on the Mexican border. He is doing this to protect America and American citizen folks.

So, if you see someone criticizing this decision by President Trump, just show him this article. You will shut his mouth immediately.

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H/T: USA News Flash

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