BOMBSHELL: Top Obama Official Caught Colluding With “Foreign Spies” To Frame Trump

Once again, there is more evidence of Obama and the Clinton family using our intelligence community to target Donald Trump’s candidacy.

The Guardian announced that a British operative, Robert Hannigan, passed off sketchy and questionable material to former CIA director, John Brennan, regarding a possible Trump-Russia connection. This material was gathered by British and Estonia spies. This shows that the Obama administration was colluding with foreign spies to bring down Trump. (via The Guardian)

Our former CIA Director was so desperate to be a part of the would-be Clinton administration that he colluded with spies from Estonia, a sketchy Russia satellite state. Of course, the Guardian and the mainstream media tried to pass this off as evidence that Trump is a traitor, but we know that this is not false.

The truth is: it was the Obama administration that was colluding with the Russians to bring down Trump. How ironic! The liberals design their lies based off their own flaws.

It is amazing how the mainstream media passes off these stories as “news.” Fake news has become a rampant problem across the globe.

Just recently, the mainstream media tried to claim that because the FBI obtained a FISA warrant based on the phony Trump dossier that the dossier must be accurate. This is simply false. The “probable cause” standard to obtain a warrant is disturbingly low.

However, the mainstream media will go as low as they can to try and smear Trump, and their followers eat it up. The liberals are so brainwashed that they cannot use reason.

The Obama administration must be held accountable for their nonsense and their lies. They have damaged our country more than any other administration.

Every day, a new Watergate-level conspiracy is released, and the media ignores it. We need to let them know that this is unacceptable.

The mainstream media makes money off of their blind followers. Decades ago, the Guardian once represented credible journalism, but now they are just a propaganda machine. Sad! We need to restore journalist integrity. We need to reform our colleges, so that they teach unbiased reporting. As consumers, we have been robbed by journalists with zero morals.

Thankfully, Donald Trump has called out the media. They have been in full panic mode ever since, and they should be. The media needs to be held to account for their lies and spins.

H/T: The Angry Patriot

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