BOMBSHELL!! NYT Reporter Spoke About Comey`s Memo – PEOPLE ARE SHOCKED!!

The New York Times contributor Michael Schmidt who is behind the alleged, controversial memo of Trump’s exchange with former FBI Director James Comey, told anchor Brian Williams that he has not personally seen the memo the former FBI Director wrote.

Schmidt stuttered as he told Williams that  “Someone that had seen [the memo] had recounted details to me.”

You can check out the clip of Schmidt below:

Michael has also been called out before for writing a misleading story, all thanks to some of his unnamed sources. Schmidt, in talking about his unidentified law enforcement sources, said that one of the attackers in San Bernardino had openly talked about jihad, whereas the truth is that she didn’t.

Schmidt’s boss rebuked him and asked for thorough changes to the manner in which he and Carlos Slim’s blog used unnamed sources.

His open confessions on MSNBC news prove GotNews on Wednesday that Schmidt has actually not seen with his own eyes the memo that confirms Comey was indeed asked of Trump to end his investigation into former National Security Adviser Michael Flynn.

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