Bizarre Warning By Obama Campaign Manager Screams Deep State Coup Attempt

Donald Trump (left), Barack Obama & David Plouffe (right)

David Plouffe, a Barack Obama loyalist who served as his longtime campaign manager, is making headlines after he gave a bizarre warning last summer that is only making sense now. Plouffe’s chilling and prophetic words were made the day Donald Trump announced he was running for president. You’ll be stunned by this message, and it will prove just how truly coordinated is this political coup attempt against President Trump.

The day Donald Trump came down the escalator at Trump Tower and announced that he was running for president was June 14th, 2016. Most political pundits saw his run as a joke, not to be taken seriously. Remember, at that time there were 16 other well-seasoned candidates, and Trump was the outsider who had never held office.

Except, the deep state who make it their business to forecast everything that may happen in Washington, D.C., may have had an inkling of the future. David Plouffe is one of those insiders, who is credited with Barack Obama’s big win in 2008, besting Hillary Clinton for the nomination and beating John McCain soundly in the general election.

They call him a wizard, an evil wizard who, on the night before Trump announced his candidacy, tweeted out a message that is causing people to wonder if he did not see what others were missing. Plouffe’s animus is evident as he wants Trump destroyed.

“A tweet [Plouffe] sent out last June is taking on a whole new life and meaning. Do you suppose Obama’s shadow government has been on this since day one of Trump’s candidacy and election? This evil is to be taken seriously so this is why we feel the deep state is taking advantage of Trump’s inexperience in politics. This is the exact same reason we appreciate and support President Trump,” reports 100% Fed-Up.

The Democrats are good at a few things, and one is staying on message. They back each other up, no matter what. They also plan years in advance and use Saul Alinsky type tactics to ambush their enemies. President Trump is the biggest threat ever to the Democratic Party and the deep state operatives.

Now that they have been relegated to the opposition, Obama and the Democrats, along with the deep state, are not only using the same old Alinskyite tactics but amplifying them through the media. “Here are just a few examples of Alinsky’s rules being put into practice in an effort to bring down the Trump administration,” as Breitbart reports:

“Pick the target, freeze it, personalize it, and polarize it.” During the 2016 election, the media tried to stop Trump from winning by focusing on his personal flaws, real and imagined. That failed — so they are targeting the people around Trump.

They have demonized Steve Bannon and Kellyanne Conway. But, they have gotten the most traction with their bogus claims that Trump somehow colluded with Vladimir Putin to win the election. Almost on day one of his presidency, the organized goal was to hype Russia hysteria and hopefully lead to impeachment.

Maxine Waters got the messaging early on, but being not too bright, she outed the plan way before she was supposed to on February 3th, 2017. Trump had only been in office 14 days, and she was already screaming for impeachment, which only proves it is a coordinated effort by the Democrats and deep state. No one in their right mind would call for impeachment only after 14 days, it’s ludicrous.

Rest assured fellow patriots, President Trump has done nothing to be impeached. They would have already come out with the evidence, but they have found nothing. As screwy as this may be, even if Trump had conspired with Vladimir Putin to become president, that’s not illegal or a reason for impeachment.

We know he has not; Trump confirmed again yesterday at a press conference that he has done nothing illegal or colluded with Russia in any way. The Democrats better be careful what they wish for — this independent investigation by Robert Mueller might turn up Obama’s crimes of wiretapping Trump and illegally unmasking General Michael Flynn. That would be as shocking as a billionaire businessman defying the odds and becoming the 45th President of the United States.

H/T: Mad World News

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