Bill Maher Just Did Something So SICK To Ivanka He Should Be Banned From TV For Life

Ivanka Trump is a smart, classy, and beautiful woman. That’s why she did not deserve the horrific thing Bill Maher did to her just last night.

During his show he made an accusation which makes the rest of the lying media look like saints.

Bill Maher said that Ivanka Trump has sex with her dad for favors.

Maher was asked by a reporter, “What do you make of Ivanka and her efforts to sort of humanize her father?” That’s when he came back with his nasty response.

It was less in his words and more in his hand gestures.

Well, I guess you saw it for yourselves so I don’t need to explain. The video makes it very clear.

Since when is it okay to say such terrible things as “humor”? Sure, in the modern day questioning the left is wrong but making rape and incest jokes is funny? That just makes me sad.

I know we cannot make the FCC go after Bill Maher. After all, he is on HBO. Luckily I have another idea. Everyone should send a message to HBO telling them to fire Bill Maher. Let’s show him that we are not okay with these “jokes.”

Also share this around so we can get as many people on board as possible. This is for Ivanka.

H/T: Daily Info

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