Bad Tipper Frustrates Waitress… Days Later The Waitress Gets a Stunning Item

One of the must frustrating things about working in the restaurant business is giving customer excellent service only to receive a bad tip — or no tip — when the patrons leave.

Waiters and waitresses typically make just a couple of dollars an hour from their employers, so they depend on tips from customers to make up the rest of their paycheck. When someone leaves a small tip, the server’s hourly wage goes down drastically.

One waitress in the Boston area learned back in 2016, however, that some “bad tippers” aren’t actually all that bad when she received a letter in the mail from a previous customer who had accidentally left a small tip. But the customer didn’t just apologize for the mistake — he sent the waitress more money to make up for it.

Reddit user dior_show shared a photo of the letter sent to her waitress friend, which explained that the customer did not mean to leave such a bad tip.

“I am so sorry — it was purely an oversight,” the customer wrote. In an effort to “make things right,” the sender also enclosed $15 with the letter.

The customer explained that the waitress’ service had been great, but that he and his wife must have been in a hurry when they left the restaurant, causing him to miscalculate the tip.

It wasn’t until he checked his bank statement later that he realized what he had inadvertently done, and he wanted to make it right.

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The waitress was surprised to receive the kind letter from a customer who had undoubtedly frustrated her with the small tip.

“My friend said she sees so many horror stories in the service industry that she just couldn’t believe this was real when she got it,” Sarah, the Reddit user who operates the dior_show account, told Mashable.

Sarah explained that she shared the photo on Reddit because people need to know when others commit “good deeds.”

“She thought it was such a kind gesture,” Sarah said. “She is a sweetheart, and a great waitress. I personally wanted to share the story because I feel that good deeds often go unnoticed. It’s great to see people going out of their way to be kind to one another.”

It’s true — people aren’t always kind to each other the way we should be, but when someone goes out of their way to do something nice or to make up for a mistake, we should all take notice and applaud their generosity.

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