As Liberals Increase Their Attacks On Trump, Mike Pence Quietly Moves To Silence Them Forever

What is important to know about Mike Pence is that he is consistent. Most politicians are not, they choose their values based on public sentiment. Which changes by the minute.

Not Mike Pence. If you don’t like him or his ideals, don’t vote for him. Sure he will talk to the left but unique among republicans, pence doesn’t need the media’s acceptance.

Pence is just Pence and America is better for it.

The media is all in a tizzy trying to bring down Trump and – without fanfare or media attention – Trump’s VP Mike Pence just stepped up to make sure the liberals will lose. How?

Vice President Mike Pence just set up a brand new political action committee.

The “Great America Committee” leadership PAC gives the vice president a way to raise money to support Republican candidates who support Trump.

So that after the next election even the republican Congress will be unable to stop him – that means you, John McCain.

The PAC allows Pence to remain engaged with his supporters dating back to his time as a six-term member of Congress, then governor of Indiana and finally as a vice presidential candidate last year.

Two of his top aides from the vice presidential run — Nice Ayers and Marty Obst — will be heading the Great America Committee.

“The vice president is playing a leading role in passing legislation on the Hill,” Ayers told Bloomberg. “He wants to support House and Senate members who are helping pass the president’s agenda.”

Ayers said planning for the PAC began in December. In addition to supporting Republican candidates, it will help Pence engage in political activities without draining funds from Trump’s presidential campaign.

All told, this super PAC will allow Mike Pence the flexibility to use his considerable talents to make America great again. And crush Trump’s enemies.

H/T: World News Politics

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