ALERT: Throw Away All “Fidget Spinners” NOW, Report Confirms They Can Kill Your Child

Fidget spinners are the latest craze sweeping the playground — but in the rush to meet demand, many suppliers are selling dangerous products.

Environmental and consumer safety advocate Tamara Rubin has launched an independent investigation into the popular fidget spinner toy, discovering that many versions of the product contain dangerous levels of lead and mercury. (via Tamara Rubin)

Not all fidget spinners tested contained lead, but most of them did. Even the more expensive and supposedly “quality” versions of the toy contained deadly amounts of lead.

The problem for parents is that there are no patents for the popular toy, allowing any company to produce and sell fidget spinners — it is essentially impossible for parents to tell which ones are safe.

Fidget spinners, and the related fidget cube, are the latest craze dominating our children’s time. The deceptively simple toy is constructed from a weighted ball-bearing with colorful decorations.

Children can spin the toy on the center axis, apparently generating hours of entertainment. Many kids carry multiple fidget spinners on them at all times.

Fidget spinners are massively popular, and have come to dominate toy orders on the online marketplace Amazon. Fidget toys dominate the ranks, and make up 49 out of the top 50 most sold toys.

Unfortunately, in the rush to capitalize on the assuredly passing fad, many manufacturers — especially those originating from China– are abandoning safety standards for a quick buck. Tamara Rubin tested six fidget spinners, and discovered that half of them contained deadly amounts of lead and mercury.

The Hazard Level for children’s toys is a lead level of 90 ppm. The first fidget spinner tested had LED lights along the outside. The base of the product contained 1,562 ppm of mercury, and 2,452 ppm of lead. Worst yet, the LED light itself contained 19,500 ppm lead. More than 200 times the legal limit!

The worst culprit, however, was a “high quality” brass fidget spinner that retails for $31 a pop — almost ten times the cost of other spinners. The supposedly quality fidget toy contained a staggering 42,800 ppm lead! (via Tamara Rubin)

This is extremely dangerous, as the toy is the perfect size for a child’s mouth. Since it is almost impossible to determine which spinners contain lead and which do not, it is probably best to avoid the toy until higher standard version are produced.

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