Al Sharpton Calls For “Long” Violence Against Trump As BLM Turns Up The Heat To Follow Order

When we think of Al Sharpton, “reverend” doesn’t usually come to mind. Being a reverend would imply doing charitable work and acts of kindness for others, not calling for violence and avoiding paying millions of dollars in taxes.

Tuesday evening, Rev. Al Sharpton vowed a “season of civil disobedience” as President-elect Donald Trump prepares for his inauguration in January 20th. Sharpton promised to use “whatever force is necessary” to stop the confirmation of Sen. Jeff Sessions to be the next United States Attorney General.

“We’re not just doing this to be doing it. We do it because it can lead to change and, believe me, there will be a season of civil disobedience particularly around the Sessions nomination,” he said Friday on a conference call with other civil rights organizations’ leaders, including Cornell William Brooks, president and CEO of the NAACP, and Janet Murguia, president and CEO of the National Council of La Raza, according to The Daily Signal.

Sharpton took his violent threats one step further by arguing they “understand that if they think they are voting based on some courtesy of a Senate colleague and will not face a real backlash in their own states, then they have another thing coming.”

“We cannot sit by and allow what we have built under [Attorneys General Eric] Holder and [Loretta] Lynch to just end without a fight,” Sharpton said. “I might not win every fight, but you gonna know you was in a fight if you mess with me.”

The attacks against Sen. Jeff Sessions are slanderous, outrageous and embarrassing to this country. If the KKK or an all-white movement planned to riot and attack blacks during Obama’s inauguration, it would have sparked an all out civil war. But when the tables are turned, we see the Left’s hypocrisy fully exposed.

Do you think Al Sharpton should be indicted and thrown in prison for his call for riots and violence against the President of the United States and his supporters?

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H/T: Conservative Daily Post

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