A MUST READ! Steve Bannon Just Sent Email Message To Donald Trump That Will Save America

America is AWAKE! The liberal leftists are not as powerful anymore as they were. Steve Bannon, one big patriot and one of the people closest to our President spread the word and called the patriots for one last FINAL BLOW.

After Donald Trump fired James Comey we saw how awful the things can sometimes get in our country, of course, there are the mainstream media to blame for the entire chaos.

In one of my posts yesterday I wrote about HOW the mainstream media is always used by the liberal elites to create panic and chaos in our society. I mentioned the big depression in the 20th century and, of course, the real estate super manipulation in 2008.

It all started with fake news. Now, the liberal Democrats try to work in the same scheme to sabotage and discredit the president. However, most of the intellectuals, experts, and politicians said that it was all a big lie and Trump is completely innocent.

But anyway, what the Democrats did is ALARMING. Their wild desires to impeach the president are so obvious, but the worst thing is the fact that they don’t care if Trump’s innocent or not- they want to set him up and impeach him- that’s what only matters to them.

Because of that, Steve Bannon today sent an awesome and powerful email to the Republican National Committee. In this, according to me, a historical letter he calls the Republican patriots to DRAIN THE SWAMP, once and for all!

“You already knew the media is out to get us.”– this is how the letter starts, reports USA NewsFlash

“But sadly it’s not just the fake news — there are people within our own unelected bureaucracy that want to sabotage President Trump and our entire America First movement. If you think they’re going to give you your country back without a fight, you’re sadly mistaken.”– Steve Bannon continues.

He continued the email calling for the Republicans to get real, wake up from their ignorance, and confront the liberal propaganda that’s corrupting this nation. And in the end- his message was simply wonderful- “We have no choice but to completely DRAIN THE SWAMP!”

Share this post and spread Bannon’s words everywhere! It’s happening- Trump is cleaning the house! Let’s show him support and admiration!

H/T: Right Forever

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